Salsa update newsletter – March 23rd 2017

In this issue:
– Newsletter link will be sent to whatsapp broadcast
– New Bachata course
– New Salsa courses
– Weekly Salsa parties
– Theta Healing


Based on many feedback from most of you about not being able to receive the newsletter to inbox or most time it goes to spam, we will start sending the link for the newsletter to whatsapp broadcast, if you are not receiving our salsa broadcast yet its because your number is not subscribed yet. To add your number simply send a message on whatsapp to: 050 696 35 20 mention [your name] followed with [Salsa].


New Bachata course starting this Saturday 25th March, for all details check:


New Salsa courses starting within few days. Make sure to book your place in advance. For all details check:


Weekly Salsa parties
– Tuesdays:  @ INKA – Sofitel Hotel downtown – 31st Floor

For all details & offers for the nights check FB Link : 

if you don’t have facebook you can check all parties list on our website:


I do Theta Healing as well 🙂 check our Theta Healing page on Facebook: or our website:


Painting from Cuba for sale | for art collectors

We have some paintings we brought from cuba in 2008/2009 for sale, if you are  interested check: Cuban Art


Stay updated when we have a new Salsa event:
Simple steps to stay updated on our Salsa events on facebook or whatsapp:

1- Join our Salsa page – click on “like” :

2- Click on “Subscribe” on the events section here: 

3- Whatsapp Salsa : 050 6963520  Send message on whatsapp to this number with your name followed with word [Salsa]

– Del Piero profile:

Have fun and keep dancing! 🙂

Del Piero
050 696 35 20

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