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Cuban Salsa is a feeling, a passion, danced with sensuality and style, from the gut, and with love for rhythm and music. Each dance is a new story of meeting one another. And just like a good conversation, it becomes an interaction of leading, following and playing. We don't just simply teach you how to dance Salsa steps and then move you into more tricky sequences… We totally immerse you in the contagious energy and true passion of this rhythm, teach you about Cuban body movement & dance attitude, That is the Salsa which we stands for: passion, fun, social, love, danceable salsa.

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Upcoming Events

  • Salsa Party - at Velocity 09/19 10:00 pm
  • Saturdays Salsa night at Ocacti 09/20 9:00 pm
  • Salsa Ladies night @ Ocacti 09/23 9:30 pm


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    Learn how to dance Salsa the authentic original way how they do it in the mother land of Salsa – Cuba – from a certified instructor with highest degree from Cuba and UK. Read more.

    Join the biggest Salsa community in the region. Visit the community.

    Best quality classes studio and most popular Salsa parties, We have Salsa parties every week for you to dance and practice what you have learned.

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    Everybody that Del Piero teaches is truly fortunate! This is because they will get perfect tuition in the core of Salsa which is the most important thing, otherwise mistakes are made that can be very difficult to rectify later once a bad habit has set in! Del cares about the dance and about his students and will not let them make mistakes and give them superb guidance which is essential for a good grounding and most of all…….enjoyment of the dance

    Debbie Baker , UK