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Del Piero Olokun


Salsa instructor/Cuban dance professor certified from Cuba and UK with highest degree from ” Raices Profundas ” and ” Escenarte Accademy Havana ” studied with the most celebrated dance professor legend in Cuba ” Juan de Dios “.

Int. Certified NLP professional Coach

Founder of the Cuban Salsa Dance community in Dubai, “Ritmo de Havana” 

With an experience of teaching more than 3000 dancers, Del Piero today is the leading Salsa instructor in Dubai . He has become renowned for his intricate attention to detail while mastering the magic of Cuban dancing.

With depth in knowledge and passion for Cuban history; his ability to convey his deep understanding of the musical roots in Salsa,Rumba and Son is evident throughout his dance courses. His unique method of teaching combined with a strong emphasis on footwork and body movement is the added bonus his students gain while enjoying the benefits of social dancing. As well as teaching many dance styles, Del Piero has designed & teach “Salsa Rhythm & Timing workshops” and presented it in many countries at many congresses and semiars in such a special way that convey the importance of understanding the rhythmical beats of Salsa percussion.

Del Piero has been recognized internationally as “Ambassador of the Cuban dance”.

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